Rao Smoke Shop | Downtown Vancouver, BC
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Rao Smoke Shop


Open 7 Days week

9am – 4am

365 Days Open


991 Granville St, Vancouver, BC V6Z 1L3
+1 (604) 568-4078

At Rao Smoke Shop, we believe that every customer gets better results when we focus on specific customer needs. This is why our smoke shop concentrates on tobacco products. There’s a wide variety of nicotine delivery methods, each with its own unique character and equipment. From old fashioned cigars and pipes to manufactured cigarettes and hookah and the latest member, electronic cigarettes.
As a vape shop, we carry a wide variety of e cig products. We give you options when it comes to things like e cig batteries and a delicious variety of e juice flavors. When you come into our shop, you will be able to pick from many different flavors that will sate any craving that you have.

You can find a wide variety of both new and more established smoking alternatives at our smoke shop. We offer a large selection of specialty water pipes that are sure to please any smoking aficionado with the best services and lowest prices around. To learn more about Rao Smoke Shop and the products we offer, visit us in Vancouver, BC today!